If your clothes don’t fit well, you won’t feel quite right. 

In fact, mass-produced clothes rarely fit anyone perfectly, because each body has unique proportions. 

Achieving perfect fit usually requires a customized solution.

We can check the fit of your garments, and alter them to meet your needs.

Or, we can make you a custom outfit, designed specifically for you. 


If there’s one occasion you want your clothes to fit perfectly, 

it’s on your wedding day.

You’ll be the center of attention. 

You’ll be dancing.  

You’ll have countless photographs taken of you. 

You don’t want look back and think “I really should have gotten my outfit tailored.”

Whether you need a bustle, a hem, or a complete makeover to your garment, we’ve got you covered. 

Have questions?

We offer free consultations and price estimates. 

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